Option 1. 1.5min act in Show Youth Circus Application.

Winter Show 2nd December 2017

Spring Show 5th May 2018

Option 1: Students who would like to perform up to 1.5 minutes in the  Show must:
Attend at least 1 class week for the term leading up to the show.
Attend the Rehearsal Session leading up to the show.
 When you send in the application to perform, we need all your classes/ Supervised Sessions/ rehearsals booked in and paid for online.

Please understand that your child will improve quicker and be safer on the equipment if they are able to attend 3 sessions/classes per week since this is the lowest industry standard training requirement. This is the reason for the Saturday cheeper supervised training for the youth circus to make attending more accessible and affordable.

Application Form


Date of Birth___________________________

Parents Name___________________________________________
Town you live in _____________________________________________
E Mail______________________________________________
Emergency Contact ______________________________________
Event and date you would like to perform at
Have you booked the rehearsals specific to this date/show? Yes? – great …
NO…..if not please book them before sending us this application, please do not send this in with out the rehearsals booked.
Have you booked the required training or classes specific to this date/show? Yes? – great …
NO…..if not please book them before sending us this application, please do not send this in with out the rehearsals booked.
Health Status(please list any medical conditions you suffer with) ___________________________________________

Please tell us your preferred method of contact that you can reply to us with in 24hours or ASAP in case we need to get in touch about the show.


Do you agree to wear a safe costume that will not get caught up in the equipment, and have no jewellery on at all while performing?___________________________________

Please understand that by performing in our show you give the rites to any photos taken by Temple Cloud Circus Crew to be used by us for marketing and promotion.

If you miss rehearsals or are late you may lose your place to perform in the show.
We also ask you to arrive back stage 2 hours before the show is about to commence, with your costume and make up ready, so that you can warm up properly for the show.

Note to parents: You must also want your child to be in the show, please if you don’t want your child in the show you must tell them that you do not want them in the show. Please don’t apply unless you and your child mutually would like this opportunity.

Please understand that we endeavour to keep a emotionally and physically safe space for everyone who is involved with our circus space, safely is paramount, we expect all interactions to be respectful and polite.  We have to make sure that kids attend enough session so that they are prepared and safe, that is the reason for this application.

Please sign that you understand this commitment: