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Home Aerial

Here at Temple Cloud Circus we want the highlight the importance of safe aerial practice whether it is here at our school or in your home. We advise that any home aerial rig/set up has been properly assembled and been load tested by a qualified aerial rigger, not a builder or layperson with no aerial experience. 

We off this service and we do sell aerial rigs. Please email admin@templecloudcircus.com

Given that death can occur from falling off aerial equipment, which has either been rigged incorrectly or not used correctly and that a crash matt is only there to save your life should a fall happen, we feel upholding safety is paramount and we do not want to encourage at all any unsafe practice. 

We feel that a home aerial set up should not be given to beginners and that some aerial experience should be gained first. We feel It’s important that the student shows a willingness to invest in conditioning which is the core aspect of any circus practice, and a commitment to the art. 

We recognise that home practice on a yoga matt focusing on stretching and exercises goes a long way to support aerial practice. A home aerial rigs is not always necessary, but home stretching and ground exercises are. 

Below is a table of general safety advice for anyone wanting to set up a home aerial rig, this is for information only and we accept no liability for any home aerial set ups, unless installed and managed while in use by one of our staff. 

CommitmentWe feel its important that the student shows dedication and commitment before getting a home aerial rig. This could be shown by conditioning and home practice. Being able to do a pull up unassisted, and having an attitude of listening well to aerial instruction. 
Rigging in Trees The tree needs to have had a assessment by a qualified and insured tree surgeon within 3 months of the use of any tree.
Only metal aerial rigs Made for the sole purpose of aerial by a structural engineer or by someone with a significant amount of experience. We recommend 20 years circus experience.
Never buy anything from Amazon. Take a look at Firetoys, we do get a studio discount and can add the odd thing to any upcoming orders we make with them.
Hoops Firetoys aerial hoops behave differently to our hoops. 
ALWAYS HAVE A CRASH MATTThis is not a case of only a crash matt for silks and not for aerial hoops, ALWAYS HAVE A CRASH MATT, if you value your life, or you child’s life. 
SupervisionChildren must be supervised at all times when on any aerial equipment, they should never be left alone. 
Risk assessment Must be completed and discussed with at least one other professional person in the industry
All equipment must be rated Generally we work to the rating of 25kn or more if we can find it.
Steel not aluminium Generally we only ever use steel not aluminium as aluminium can shatter while steel only cracks or bends. Steel wears aluminium . 
Inspection All aerial equipment must be inspected before each use, and a aerial rigger should inspect a aerial set up or rig every 6 months. 

If your home set up dose not take into account the above factors above please make it safe urgently.