Aerial Circus Therapy Retreat with Hayley and Sammy.




This is very exciting news at Temple Cloud Circus.

Aerial Circus Really is a Therapy

We are running the FIRST EVER Aerial Circus Therapy Retreat 2rd and 3rd November.

What is Aerial Circus Therapy you ask… Well, there is only one way to find out and that is to book into the program and experience yourself. This retreat is for everyone from complete beginners to experienced aerialists.

About the Retreat.

Spaces are limited to 12 and we expect to be fully booked so I would book ASAP.  This A.C.T  will be lead by Hayley Ingle one of Aircraft Circus Academy’s most wonderful and respected teachers, and Sammy Terry who has over 20 years of experience working in the field of natural medicine.

  • The retreat will include simple self-awareness exercise to introduce everyone’s and bring everyone’s intentions into focus.
  • Super High Energy Fun Workout warm up.
  • Mindfulness Qigong meditation to end the class.
  • Comprehensive stretching sequence.
  • Expert tuition on Mixed aerial equipment lead by Hayley Ingle, an exceptionally accomplished Aerialist and fantastic aerial teacher. The equipment we have is Loop, Silks, Rope, Trapeze and Hoop.  Hayley is a highly skilled aerialist and can help choreograph doubles on all types of equipment as well as teach high-level tricks, She has a very calm teaching technique which enables complete beginners or students who feel stuck to be able to move past their blockages with aerial and feel as though you are winning. This is also a great place if your an amazing aerialist, who has been out of action for a while and wants a positive kick start back into it. Please let us know 7 days in advance if you have any special teaching requirements.


This will start on a Friday evening at 6.30p-9.30pm… and finish on Saturday at 3 pm (after a 7 am Start). This will be a chance to go deeper into the Art of Aerial Circus Therapy. We will be providing Organic Vegan Food as part of this retreat.  This will be a restful and restorative 2 days as well as 4 Aerial sessions, we intend for this 2 days to be inspirational and transformational.

Prices of Retreat

Multi-booking discounts available at time of booking

1 Student £120
2 Student @ £115 =£230
3 Student @£110 =£330
4 Student @£105 =£420
5 Students@£100 =£500
6 Students@£95 =£570
7 Students@£90 =£630
8 Students@£85 =£680

There is an option for low-cost accommodation in a shared loft room as Sammys where there are 4-floor mattresses, but we highly recommend looking on Airbnb for Rockaway park ..they are on the same road as the circus school – you can walk here from there.

Both Sammy and Hayley are offering massages after the program is finished which you can book online.

Additional information


Aerial Circus Therapy Retreat. November Friday 2nd Nov 6.30 – 9.30 /Saturday 3rd Nov 7am – 3pm, Deep Tension Releif Holistic Massage with essential oils 30min, Floor mattress and duvet cover in Communal Loft Room at Sammys House for the Friday night 2nd Nov., Taster Friday 19th October, 2 hours 7pm-9pm

Number of Students Booking

1 Student, 2 Students, 3 Students, 5 Students, Group of 4 Students, Group of 6 students, Group of 7 students, Group of 8 students, Tuesday 1 student special OFFER £10

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