Block of Month or Term of Aerial Classes





August, Autumn Term September – October – November 2021, New Year Term January February- March, Whole Month January, December – Only first 3 Weeks., May 1st 2 Weeks, Whole Month April, Whole Month Feburary, Whole Month March, Whole Month November, Whole Month October, Whole Month September

Aerial Class

Aerial Conditioning and Stretching Thursday 3- 4.30pm, Monday Aerial Circus Therapy 7am-9am (adult), Saturday Trapeze 9-11am. Age 7 to adult., Sunday Silks 3.4.30 pm. Age 7-adult, Monday 7.30-9pm Aerial Rope. (adult), Saturday Aerial Yoga Loop 3pm – 4.30pm . Age7 to adult., Sunday Youth 4.30-6pm., Thursday Aerial Hoop / Silks 7.30-9pm (adult), Wednesday 7.30-9 Trapeze (adult)