OPTION 4. FESTIVALS Youth Circus Application.

Option 4
Applicants for festivals must keep their training of 3times per week up with us in temple cloud to be able to come with us to festivals to perform.
Applicants who only want to attend 1 festival can can only apply for festival 1.
Applicants who can attend 2 festivals can only apply for festival 1 and 2.
and so on.
Basically for heath and safety of fitness reasons, due to the training space being closed while we are on tor at events, and because our students need to be practicing their act 3 days per week, we can only accept applications in this way. if you are confused please get in touch for a explanation.

Festival 1  Blue Lagoon
Festival 2 Unearthed
Festival 3 Yoga Connect
Festival 4 TBC
Festival 5 TBC
Festival 6 TBC