Temple Cloud Circus Mission Statement: Inspiring joy and personal growth through inclusive aerial creativity.


Inclusive Aerial Education:Teach an accessible framework of aerial skills and Aerial Circus Therapy (ACT) for individuals of all ages, abilities, gender, or ethnicity, emphasizing monitoring, reviewing, and evaluation.

Student-Centric Progression: Teach in clear linear progressions at the student’s pace, adhering to student-led learning principles of self-determination.

Inspired Circus Journey: Allow the needs, inspiration, goals, and ambitions of the student to guide their unique circus journey.

Safety Culture: Create a culture of safety where everyone understands the importance of maintaining a safe environment.

Personal Growth and Discipline: Nurture self-assessment, realistic goals, achievable aims, self-care, and self-discipline.

Diverse Offerings: Provide aerial classes, parties, shows, one-on-one sessions, workshops, and self-training across various aerial disciplines.

Premises Expansion: Purchase premises to expand Temple Cloud Circus services and enhance the learning experience.

Excellence in Aerial Training: Provide excellent student-led aerial training with a focus on quality and innovation.

Accessible Holistic Classes: Offer accessible holistic aerial circus classes to ensure inclusivity.

Creative and Therapeutic Use: Use the circus in a creative and therapeutic manner, developing Aerial Circus Therapy as a healing art form.

Inclusivity for All: Make the circus accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including disabled and neurodiverse members.

Healing Show Curation: Curate shows as healing tools for well-being.

Individualized Learning Approach: Take into account the individual needs and learning methods of each student, delivering learning material in a personalized manner.

Heart-First Teaching: Teach “the heart first and then the body” as quoted from the “Nimble Arts Teacher Training Program.”

Guiding Principles:

Strive for Excellence and Innovation: Uphold a commitment to excellence and innovative approaches in all aspects of our offerings.

Provide Authentic Experiences: Deliver genuine and authentic experiences that resonate with the essence of circus arts.

Exciting, Inspiring, and Engaging: Ensure that all interactions and activities are exciting, inspiring, and engaging for an enriched learning experience.

Positive and Inclusive Atmosphere: Foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere, promoting a sense of belonging and ownership.

Active Involvement of Children and Young People: Actively involve children and young people in the learning process, recognizing their unique perspectives and contributions.

Enable Personal Progression: Facilitate personal progression, encouraging continuous growth and development in each student.

Develop Belonging and Ownership: Cultivate an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among participants.
Belief Statement: By adhering to these guiding principles and teaching approaches, we believe that Temple Cloud Circus can provide an inclusive, safe, and rewarding learning experience for all students.

Achievements and Contributions:

Community Integration (2010 – Present):Temple Cloud Circus CIC has been a vibrant community initiative for over 13 years, weaving the magic of circus arts into the fabric of South Bristol and beyond.

Aerial Excellence and Transformation: Renowned for awe-inspiring aerial circus shows and pioneering Aerial Circus Therapy (ACT), our circus has offered a transformative journey of personal growth and healing.

Dedication to Sustainability:More than a circus school, Temple Cloud Circus is dedicated to sustainability, aspiring to become a zero-waste haven and healing sanctuary. Our shows and initiatives address mental health, disabilities, and long-term illness.

Innovative Arts Council Shows (2022 – 2023):Supported by Arts Council funding, our impactful shows blend verbatim recordings, audience responses, live readings, and dynamic interactions, addressing societal issues through artistic expression.

Holistic Well-being and Environmental Stewardship: Rooted in values of integrity, love, humility, and grace, Temple Cloud Circus promotes holistic well-being. Our philosophy emphasizes a balance across physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental dimensions.

Vision for Inclusive Future (Ongoing): Looking ahead, our vision includes acquiring new premises for high-quality holistic treatments and circus classes with accessible pricing, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

Festival Presence and Temple Cloud Festival: Actively participating in festivals, we showcase our circus shows and organize the Temple Cloud Festival every June, contributing to the cultural richness of our community.

Arts Council and Funding Recognition (2022): In 2022, we received funding from the Arts Council for our Temple Cloud Festival and a mental health-focused circus show, enabling us to continue our impactful work.

SSE and Together Fund Support (2022): Supported by SSE School for Social Entrepreneurs and the Together fund, we successfully set up Temple Cloud Circus as a Community Interest Company (CIC), expanding our capacity to offer part-funded circus courses.

Bridge the Gap Fund (Now Regeneration Circus Project) and Continued Funding: Initiating the Regeneration Circus Project (formerly Bridge the Gap fund), we aim to offer funded, low-cost, and free services to support our community. Our sustained funding sources include contributions from Earthsong Foundation, Sovereign Housing, Sport England, Sustainable Health Courses, Cool Ventures, and ongoing support from Pink Lotus.

Aerial Circus Classes and Workshops: Offering a wide range of aerial classes, workshops, and training sessions, we provide opportunities for individuals of all ages, abilities, genders, and ethnicities to engage in the joy of circus arts.

Partnership with Pink Lotus and Future Holistic Vision: Collaborating closely with Pink Lotus, we aim to extend our reach to underprivileged, homeless, or traumatized communities, providing holistic aerial circus experiences, natural sustainable regenerative treatments, education, and healing solutions.

Temple Cloud Circus CIC and Bridge the Gap Funders: Recognizing the invaluable support from funders such as Suze and Sebastian Pole from Earthsong Foundation, Arts Council National Lottery Grant, Sovereign Housing, Sustainable Health Courses, Cool Ventures, and Sport England.

Free Massage Initiative with BHP (Bristol Homelessness Project) – Starting February 2023:

In alignment with our commitment to social responsibility, starting February 2023, we initiate a free massage program for people affected by homelessness in collaboration with BHP (Bristol Homelessness Project).

Pink Lotus Holistic Aims and Objectives: Pink Lotus, focusing on holistic well-being, aims to provide high-quality luxury bodywork holistic treatments, sustainable products, comprehensive training programs, and awareness of the positive health benefits of natural medicine.

Diverse Offerings from Pink Lotus: Pink Lotus offers an apothecary of organic herbs, essential oils, balms, and natural medicine products, along with unique emporium items, beautiful festival healing spaces, and diverse creations available for hire at festivals and events.

Sustainable Health and Natural Medicine: Temple Cloud Circus collaborates with Sustainable Health, offering natural medicine treatments and professional training in regenerative practices.

Ongoing Contribution to Festival Culture: Pink Lotus contributes to the festival culture with exquisite yurts, pole tents, decor, PA systems, and circus equipment available for hire, adding beauty and functionality to various events.

Circus School and Social Purpose: Temple Cloud Circus, a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), stands as a testament to our commitment to a social purpose, offering circus classes and training space in Temple Cloud, South Bristol.

Continued Support from Pink Lotus: With ongoing support from Pink Lotus, Temple Cloud Circus aims to grow its impact and reach, providing a holistic and creative circus experience to all.

This compilation showcases the multifaceted achievements and ongoing efforts of Temple Cloud Circus CIC, Pink Lotus, and Sustainable Health, reflecting a commitment to community, holistic well-being, and the transformative power of circus arts.