Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

We recognise that not all students who regularly attend our classes can afford the additional costs required for rehearsal classes, necessary to be able to participate in our public performances. Performances are an important part of what we offer, enabling the showcasing of skills and progression, and are tremendous for confidence building, overcoming anxiety, and lots of fun!

We have therefore set up a fund, ‘Bridge the Gap’, to provide opportunities for our students to access the rehearsal programme when ordinarily, costs may have been prohibitive by assisting with the costs. The fund is currently funded from the sales of merchandise and therefore limited in value dependent on the value of sales. If successful we hope to widen the scheme if securing third party funding and grants.

Currently the money in the fund is extremely limited. Any contribution from the fund is solely at the discretion of the school, and dependant on funds being available. We have listed some general criteria below highlighting individual circumstances that may warrant consideration for assistance. The list is not exhaustive but forms an outline of the type of circumstance likely to be considered.

It’s worth checking back to this page regularly since any further funding received may change the criteria and what we are able to offer. Please also check our funded opportunities page for other subsidised activities and workshops.

Current consideration criteria

  • Students who would be entitled to free school meals
  • Students, or Parents of students that are claiming Universal Credit

Students and or their guardians must understand that attending rehearsals is a big commitment, and that only by attending ALL of the rehearsals will the student be allowed to participate in the performance. This is stated in our Health and Safety Policy and is an insurance requirement. If a student misses a rehearsal and wishes to continue to the performance, they need to schedule a missed rehearsal session to make up for the missed rehearsal. This will cost £95 per rehearsal and cannot be funded from this fund. Please therefore only request assistance from this fund if you are 100% committed to attending all of the rehearsals.

Under truly exceptional circumstances we may waive the £95 fee for a missed rehearsal. A request for an exemption needs to be submitted by email with any evidence to support the request attached. A decision will be made as soon as possible and the missed rehearsal replacement session needs to be booked to take place within 7 days of the missed rehearsal.

Understanding the above, if you would like to apply for support from this fund to enable participation in performances please email

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