Funded Opportunities

Temple Cloud Circus CIC (community Interest Company) formed in 2022 after 12 years of being a non-profit, and being supported by the work of Pink Lotus at Festivals.

In 2022 we received funding from the Arts Council for our Temple Cloud Festival in June and a show about Mental Health and Circus. In the spring of 2022 SSE funded Temple Cloud Circus to set up and incorporate properly as a CIC. The week after we incorporated we were awarded funding form the Together fund, Sports England to be able to offer some part funded places on our Circus Courses.


These spaces are available for any one from the categories below,

  • Those on low incomes,
  • Anyone with any mental health challenges
  • Disabilities
  • long term illness
  • Culturally diverse communities
    We do not need proof of this, if you feel you fall into one of these categories you or your child can go ahead and book as many spaces are you feel you would benefit from.

Youth Classes

Youth Circus Blocks of a month classes for £10
Youth Thursday 4.30-6 (September)
Youth Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm (September)

Adult Aerial Classes a 6 week course is £10

  • Sunday 6pm-7.15pm.Aerial Circus Therapy, gentle conditioning and stretching on aerial equipment (Aerial Hoop, Loop, Silks, Aerial Rope and Trapeze). 6 Week course starting
  • Monday 9.30am-10.45am.Aerial Circus Therapy, gentle conditioning and stretching on aerial equipment (Aerial Hoop, Loop, Silks, Aerial Rope and Trapeze) Week course starting
  • Thursday Mixed Aerial (Aerial Hoop, Loop, Silks, Aerial Rope and Trapeze) 7.30-9pm 6 Week Course Starting

Specialist Skill Workshops – Dates Still TBC – please keep checking back as im trying to pin the teachers down to a time.

Charlie Bicknell 8th October Silks 9am-11am and 11am -1pm (BEGINNER -ADVANCED ALL LEVELS WELCOME)
Aerial silks master classes: workshop 1 focuses on ‘Climbs and Flows’ finding innovative and unusual ways up and down the silks/rope and working on combinations of tricks with fluid and funky transitions.
Workshop 2 ‘Thrills and Skills’
Briefly looking at specific skill drills such as roll up prep/meathook/reverse meathook and then playing with a variety of drops.

Shaena Brandel from Pirates of the Caribeana Award Winning performer of a world class circus company & and aerial hoop specialist.
Aerial Hoop class 1- Sequences & Spinning.
Building short sequences- both taught & improvised, adding in ways to build a spin & trying this new material whilst spinning.
*Aerial Hoop Class 2 –
Rolls & Drops *
We will be focusing on Rolls- such as Roll Rounds, Barrel Rolls & Russian Rolls and then introduce beats & Dynamic Drops.
For this 2nd class we will work in teams and spot & encourage each other throughout.
5th November 9am-11am Aerial hoop basics and spins ( All levels welcome)
5th November 11.30am-1.30pm Aerial Hoop Flows and Drops ( All levels Welcome)

HAYLY INGLE from Aircraft Circus – DATE TBC