Perform with us……..

October: Halloween Show – Click here

December: Greenwich Circus festival, Audition – December 2023 – Click Here

June: Summer Temple Cloud Festival Circus Show- Click here

Please note… if you or your child is interested in being part of any of our productions or has been before and wants to again, and you are suffering financial hardship which could prevent you from accessing our services….please get in touch first by email outlining your request and situation.. we may be able to offer you a discount code .. we will need to talk through your financial situation first, but if we can help we will, so please feel free to ask. We do however need a minimum of 2 weeks before any deadline to consider such a request. Thank you.

New Performance Acadamy with Professional Potential

We now offer a performing academy, and participants of this class can perform shows without having to book rehearsals however, this has to be a second class booking for the student as we do require students to train twice a week. Also, participants in the class can only practice equipment that they have a skilled performing certificate for. When we get work at festivals and events participants of this class will be invited first and may even be offered payment to perform with us at external shows and events. Tuesday 6-8 pm