Bridge the Gap Emporium

In our circus space there is a little shop offering fabulous circus bags, hoodies, tee shirts and other accessories and clothing. 100% of profits on these purchases will be donated to our ‘Bridge the Gap’ fund. We are very happy to accept donations to the fund too.

What is the ‘Bridge the Gap’ fund?

It is a charitable fund set up by Tempe Cloud Circus School and currently has two missions.

Firstly to enable students, or guardians of students on low incomes already enrolled in our termly classes to access additional activities, such as rehearsal courses required to take part in our performances where cost is a barrier or prohibitive.  To apply to our Bridge the Gap fund please click here for more details.

Secondly to provide people affected by homelessness or trauma, body-work and massage therapy. We are currently building relationships with homeless and other shelters to explore how we can successfully implement and achieve this aspiration. With the first pamper day will take place at BHP (Bristol Homelessness Project)soon.

Please click the link below to enter our little shop of goodies and any help with our cause is hugely valuable and appreciated!

T – Shirt
Rosin – Click Here
Circus Bag