Youth Circus

Try Circus in our upcoming August SUMMER CIRCUS CLUB & December Winter Club …CLICK HERE

TASTERS – For Individual youth tasters for all ages please CLICK HERE TO BOOK INDIVIDUAL CLASSES

We also offer a taster session on our SHOW DAYS – Click here 

We have availability in the following classes from September:

Monday Aerial Loop 4-5pm
Monday Trapeze 5-6pm
Sunday Aerial Loop 2-3pm
Click Here to Book these courses from September – CLICK HERE

And our new youth performance class : Monday Mixed Aerial 6-7.30pm – Click Here to book

We offer participation in exciting shows!!! Please note that, as outlined in our health and safety policy, participating in our shows requires a minimum of twice-a-week training. To meet this requirement, students are required to book separate rehearsal sessions, incurring an additional expense. We offer three main shows throughout the year: a Halloween show open to the public, a mini-show at Christmas exclusively for parents, family, and friends, and a summer tent show held in a local field, which is also open to the public.- Click here for more info


You could learn Aerial Circus in private 121 sessions

You can also have fun and book an Aerial Circus Party.

ADVANCE BOOKING IS NECESSARY FOR ALL ACTIVITIES. – Please read our terms and conditions.