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Adult Summer Circus Festival Participation


Performing circus is super exciting and fun, to make it safe we have some requirements to be able to apply to perform with us.

You can sign up for a show at any level, however, you must have an act prepared before arriving at the first rehearsal, the rehearsals are not an act creation class, they are to rehearse your act and create the show around the act.  If you would like to book a 3-hour act creations 121 to help put your act together in preparation we can schedule this for you. We use the rule of 3 it takes 3 months to make an act, 6 weeks to create the act, and 6 weeks to run the act 3 times per training session 3 times per week.  We also use the 9/10 principle, only use tricks in your act that you can successfully do 9/10 times. 

If you miss any classes you will need to rebook to replace the ones missed. This is only to ensure good stamina as per our aerial performing risk assessment. We have a performance commitment you will need to sign that ensures your act is run 5 times per week for the 6 weeks leading up to the show.


When signing up for the summer shows we ask you to help set up and take down our big tent. Many hands make light work.

We welcome students from both Temple Cloud Circus and Other Circus Schools,  This is a unique opportunity to perform in a real circus tent. If you are not from Temple Cloud Circus please be aware that if we do not think your act is experienced enough, we will not be able to accept it in the show, you must also rehearse it properly leading up to the show.


2023 Adult SUMMER TENT SHOW (April 28th Fri 6-8pm) (May 5th, 12th 19th, tue23rd, fri26th, tue30th, 6-8pm)(fri2nd, tue6th thur8th June 6-7.30pm), I am from another circus school and have send my act via email to admin@templecloudcircus.com

Performance Course

Act Creation 121 Date TBC with Sammy, I am a student from another circus school, my act is complete, I have emailed it to admin@templecloudcircus.com, My Act is ready and I don't need a 121 Performance course

Arriving on Time

I understand this is a team production and I need to arrive on time to every rehearsal.

Consent Photos

I consent to myself or my child having photos/Videos taken that could be posted on social media.


I agree to proved a safe costume that is checked in the dress rehearsal

Time Commitment

All rehearsals(except allowable ones) must be attended as per health and safety policy, I am from another circus school and agree to attend the rehearsal the night before the show.


I agree to email a single clean MP3 song B4 first rehearsal, late music or music changes will be charged £20 per change.

Performance Commitment

I understand the training commitment & have/will signed the performance commitment form

Allowable reschedule

I am from another circus school and I can attend the rehursal the night before, I can attend all dates, There is 1 date I cannot make and have send it via email to admin@templecloudcircus.com