Adult Circus Show Performance Course 2 weeks 19th -27th March. Saturday 10.15-11.30am & Sundays 7.15-8.30pm plus 10 x Friday rehearsals – Perform in Summer Tent Show


Performing circus is super exciting and fun, to make it safe we have some requirements to be able to apply to perform with us.

REQUIREMENTS This course is for both beginners and intermediate levels. You must also attend extra sessions so that for 6 weeks leading to the show you are training 2 extra sessions. These classes or self training need to be booked and paid for separately on our website – twice a week . The best way would be to book 2 x a term of self training or classes that suit ur calendar, these need to be booked before booking this course. Any questions please get in touch. This amount of training is industry standard to prepare for a show and is a requirement in our risk assessment.   If you miss any classes you will need to rebook to replace the ones missed. This is only to ensure good stamina as per our aerial performing risk assessment.


When signing up for the summer shows we ask you to help set up our big tent.


Adult 6.30 -7.30pm SUMMER TENT SHOW (April 15, 22nd, 29th 6.30 -7.30pm ) (May 6th, 13th 20th, 27th 6.30 -7.30pm )(3rd, 6th 9th June) (the 6th – 9th June Rehearsals are 4.45 -6.30pm

Arriving on Time

I understand i need to arrive on time, i understand that if i arrive 15min late i will not be allowed to attend, no refund given and if its a rehearsal I might lose my place in the show.

Consent Photos

I consent to myself or my child having photos/Videos taken that could be posted on social media.


I agree to proved a safe costume that is checked in the dress rehearsal

Time Commitment

All rehearsals must be attended, any missed need to be rebooked with additional payment.


I agree to email a single clean MP3 song B4 first rehearsal, late music or music changes will be charged £20 per change.