Terms and Conditions

Any classes or tickets purchased that are unable to go ahead due coronavirus gov lockdown will not be refunded. Any tickets, products or courses, classes or training sessions will be frozen until the lockdown is over and new suitable dates are found, or a show is rescheduled.

When a child misses a rehearsal, their place in the show to do an aerial act will be cut from 3mins to 30 seconds. If this is unsatisfactory for the parent and child there is the option to book a ” Missed Rehearsal session” which will cost £95, .. so long as the parent books the missed rehearsal session within 3 days of the missed rehearsal and also that the session is booked for before the next rehearsal. However, if there is no space or capacity for us to do this session we may not be able to offer it.

All bookings are final and only apply to the dates of the course you have booked. If you miss a class for any reason (sickness, transport issues, injury, don’t feel like it etc…)  you cannot attend a different class to replace the one you have missed. If you are unable to train physically, we advise that you still attend your class and take notes. If you are unable to attend a whole course, try 121 tuitions which can be booked to suit your diary. Booked courses cannot be changed to future blocks.

Anti-social behaviour or disrespectful communication is not tolerated, Temple Cloud Circus reserves the right to cancel any booking without refund should a customer or parent present with disrespectful behaviour to staff members or other team members.

121 Tuition:  Please give 7 days’ notice to change the appointment time, no refunds are given.

Supervised Mixed Aerial Training Blocks for professionals with their own insurance.
Proof of insurance must be sent in via email in advance before purchasing one of these blocks.
The entire payment must be paid in advance before commencing the first session. Sessions cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason unless 7 days’ notice is given.
Appointment times cannot be changed by the student for any reason, no refunds will be given. TCC reserves the  right to change appointments if necessary.

We ask new people training in the space to sign an agreement. Breaking our safety rules is very serious and can lead to expulsion from the school.

We ask all students and staff to follow our code of conduct. This includes when at an external event wearing the Temple Cloud Circus kit of hoodie and T-shirt.

Finance Terms:

Payment for each 12-week term must be made in advance through our website.

In cases where a student wishes to maintain their placement in the same class to ensure consistency with their friendships and circus training, we require payment for the upcoming term four weeks prior to the commencement of that term.

Failure to submit payment in this manner may result in the loss of a guaranteed place in the class for parents/students who wish to secure continued enrolment for their child each term. To avoid this, we will issue email, text, or WhatsApp reminders, and it is imperative that payment is made on time. Delay in payment may lead to the release of the child’s place to another student. If you miss the four-week payment window in advance, please reach out to us to inquire about the availability of spaces in classes before rebooking. Alternatively, you may opt to join our waiting list.

Please note that payments made are non-refundable. Should your child be unable to attend all 12 weeks of the term, no refunds will be issued for the weeks missed.

In the event of a breach of trust, policy violations, or unacceptable behaviour by the student/child or the parent, we reserve the right to terminate our services, without refund.