11th of December Yoga Kirtan Cacao Ceremony


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On Sunday, the 11th of December, let’s gather together to meditate, get in touch with our hearts, set our intentions, and sing together, with the power of mother cacao, yoga, and mantras.

Ana’s Yoga will guide you through your senses, connecting you deeply to your breath and body.
The breath movement is the body movement, and as we move fluidly and gently from asana to asana we shall release the tensions of the day and open ourselves up fully to receive the experience on offer in this magical evening.
A delicious cup of ceremonial cacao will be served, as we set our intentions and prayers in a heart space held by Bert and Ana. Cacao is a master plant worshiped across many different ancient traditions, with powers associated with the emotional body, the voice, and a way of communicating with the mind. It holds the vibrations of unconditional love and joy.
So that we get ready to slowly open up our voices with Bert, for sweet serenades and ecstatic choruses delving into Singing and Chanting in a universal way through Traditional Kirtan, Bhajan & Mantra to bring healing through devotion, harmony through meditation, and divine expression through our word and into the world.
As the Kirtan Fades into the magic void, a sense of peace shall rise. Ana will guide you through your own levels of consciousness into a deep state of relaxation. To a place where you are able to fully let go, and integrate all that you have received and experienced.

👉Location: temple cloud circus, bs39 5bx
Admission: £45
£30 for temple cloud regulars and concessions,
Arrival time: 7.15pm

👉Bert, song carrier, space holder, and traveler from Brazil. His work in this world is to be in service of the divine, and he loves Chanting with people in heart space, around campfires, yoga studios, ceremonies, festivals, concerts, retreats, and spiritual events.
Celebrating togetherness, through our voices, is the most powerful tool we have.
Bert has been following the devotional path of bhakti, as a chant leader in the world of sacred music for a few years, sharing his love in different countries around the world. he has been attending kirtans since the age of 16, at first at the self-realization fellowship, then in many other opportunities during his travels. Ever since, mantra, bhajan, and kirtan singing have been an essential part of his way. Now in his new music career, his intention is to bring the power of mantra chanting to more and more people as a form of healing practice to open our hearts.

👉Ana’s true passion is to share Dharma in a way that each individual can integrate into their lives, giving them the practical tools to live a more truthful and joyful life.

Ana’s yoga journey began in 2016 after a near-death experience in New Zealand. This was the spark of change that lead her to experience her first yoga class. Since then, she has been traveling and experiencing different teachings in Australia, India, and the UK, diving deep into Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Pranayama, meditation, Qi-Gong, nature, life, and love.

Her down-to-earth, real-life application makes anything seem possible. Her nature is intuitive, creative, and joyful and she will ensure you receive precisely what you need. The unachievable is achievable. You just have to believe


I don't have any access needs, I need assistance with my vision, I need extra help processing information, I use a wheelchair, I use an aid to hear, I will email or call you with my specific access requirements

Limited Spaces

Concession & Temple Cloud Students, Full Price


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