10 Amazing £1 Circus Workshops spring 2023


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Becky Power started her career as a professional dancer. She joined a local community circus back in 2015, where she was training, and started her journey on silks.
Her performing took her onto cruise ships and to resorts where she got to perform silks, hoop, moon, and rope. She is now based in the UK and has worked for various events such as the Purgatorium scare mazes.
Becky’s biggest passion is performance and storytelling through aerial movement.


I don't have any access needs, I need assistance with my vision, I need extra help processing information, I use a wheelchair, I use an aid to hear, I will email or call you with my specific access requirements

Sovereign Funded Dates

Kids Beginner Aerial Hoop Monday 15th May 2023 4.30-5.30pm (age 6-18), Kids Beginner Aerial Loop Monday 1st May 2023 4.30-5.30pm (age 6-18), Kids Beginner Aerial Trapeze Monday 17th April 2023 4.30-5.30pm (age 6-18)


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For a children who do not attend termly classes with us


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